Sure glad we had some time to relax and patch things up out there. Exploring the back yard with a three day bike camping excursion sure hit the spot for spring delight.



Any questions, I didn’t think so!


Supposed to hurt

Sorry 4 STompN

Another season marching by, luckily it’s not over yet!



ToHellUride FatBike Challenege #6

thfbc6any questions? I didn’t think so!

Sure is nice out


Cut & ST0MP

San Miguel Bike Alliance Thanks You!
Thanks for another great season of increasing excitement and awareness of what our trail’s can be. It’s hard to imagine a better off season treat than these glorious conditions. Traction on Eider is at an all time high. Likewise, the high country continues to ride like a dream. As our climate changes and the window of opportunity expands for riding up high, we should rehab and reroute unsustainable high country trails to improve our riding opportunities.
SMBA graciously gave up the park to Neil Young for our annual September 30th party, so this year we’ll be doing an election night FUNraiser to help distract us from the fate of our nation. All are welcome to join us at There… 6 P.M. Tuesday, November 8th where we’ll be drag racing for SMBA.
Partners will race a lap on an Xtracycle and then swap spots for the second lap. Fastest time wins! We’ll have Xtracycles, Helmets, Lights, and Prizes!
All proceed’s will support SMBA’s ongoing efforts to improve our trails.
Alta Lakes new trail has been delayed. Unfortunately there are issues with the cost of the new trail reroute and the landowner has concerns over access to the National Forest after trails that lead to Skyline ranch are closed. Hopefully these issues can be resolved and we’ll be moving the project forward with full support of the landowner. Furthermore, someone ripped out the new trail flagging. Any information regarding the so & so responsible would be much appreciated.
Telski is quite excited about the new flow trails they have been constructing with Gravity Logic off the top of chair 4. Please remember that the ski area is preparing for winter now so please smile and wave and stay out of their way.
Meanwhile, we have been walking potential cross country trail alignments with Telski, and those may be further off in the future, but the support is there.
In conjunction with the Telluride Mountain Club Trails Group we have been working on our dream trail list. Thanks to all who helped us by filling out the Trails Group Survey. Special thanks to Mark Plantz for walking some potential alignments and sending us gps tracks recorded with the free TrackRec app. Actual ground-truthed alignments are very helpful for determining property boundaries and the like. Anyone else who wants to help in this way should feel free to send us their tracks.
A special thanks as well to the all those who take time to keep our trails clear. We look forward to the upcoming formation of a paid trails crew to get even more done.
Thanks to Ski Butlers for bringing 25 volunteers out to work on the Aldasorro east trail in early October. Despite looking like a double track for four wheeler’s, we’re working to improve the drainage and add the occasional jump. Thanks to all who came out and worked this summer. Please remind your elected officials that we want new trail construction to be done right no matter what.
Those who still have SMBA packable trail tools, please bring them back. Trail Boss is sending upgraded collars to improve them and we are going to service them for next season.
Seems safe to say that we’re going to have one of the hardest working County Commissioners imaginable on the job soon. And she happens to love Stomping up Eider on her bike! Thanks for supporting the one and only Hilary Cooper!
Thanks for renewing your membership and supporting SMBA, sorry for the sock delay, some folks have put in a lot of miles breaking them in; we’ll have more in time for the 3rd Annual Fat and Skinny Relay, Date Dependent on POW
Copyright © 2016 San Miguel Bike Alliance, All rights reserved.

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trailreroute Chuggin along, dialing in the bike alliance to get some trail work done.

TeleRoubaix 2015

One for the books it would seem, young Dave DaFever encountered a man hole cover with a hand on the bottle and that didn’t bode well, thrice broke da collar bone and our unlucky number 13 was into the team car, with his lovely lady friend and her parents, who are here because she has an arm in sling post op. .aaanyway all was swell after that and DaFeve is recovering and will undoubtedly bring the pain at next year’Z TeleROUBAIX starting and finishing on the gnarliest bike path in TRIDE














Another ToHellUride ski season in the books, coulda been worse…


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Silverton Whiteout here we come!


tylergius copy


4th Annual ToHellUride Fat Bike Challenge

Once again the StOmprZ came out of the woodwork and this year was the first FBC where it didn’t snow. Turns out, we can still have plenty of fun. We got up on the hill and slid on the snow, showed the stomprz an old mine shaft we all fit into, smelled kinda funny when we left but the claustrophobics among us were cured (?) and the descent was pretty sweet. Our picnic was skied into the yurt, which it turned out the ski company didn’t really appreciate, maybe in the future. There… went above and beyond with amazing additions for our ramen surprise that took everyone to the next level while we were up there. The Chip Peddler was in the house and he made a strong showing making it to the yurt just before we did. Thanks to the King Cage contingent for hooking up some sweet schwag that was well received. Old Man Mountain also once again made someone’s day; Blake this time, who spent the whole ride cursing the backpack on his back while everyone else carried their gear on OMM racks. Bread from Durango sent it up and helped keep the gluten intake high. Bootdoctors Paragon made Mitch’s bike big with a donated Surly Bud 4.8 which really tied the room together. And last but certainly not least, Rich from Crater packs brought a full velcro frame pack for the prize pile and now NiRad need not fuck with zippers. All in all it was once again a great success, many people completed teh challenge who might not have thought they had it in them and hopefully next year we’ll be welcomed at the jumps! . . see you in Silverton for the Whiteout!













Two Weeks til TFBC

There was that one time Ben Knight came and rode up Bear Creek then shot these photos, we never saw him again, maybe he’ll complete the challenge this year? chad







Long story short, Scott is a ST0MPR and as such he’s been touring offroad from Alaska south for the last six month’s, got ahold of me through warm showers for couch surfing bike tourers and came through tellyride, did a big ol sweet ride and managed to reconnect to join us for turkey week and do the flight of the pigs, here are some shots of his. .










Flight of the Pigs





What a glorious tradition! The day after Turkey Day 85 people weighed in for the 19th annual Flight of the Pigs at Jim Wilcox in Phoenix. We proceded to ST0Mp the shite out of a glorious amount of singletrack in the PHX area, and I was able to ride with some super fasty’z ‘cuz the ride kept regrouping, unlike a race where I’d have never seen them again. .anyhow, hope to be back next year!


You’ve heard the story, fat bikes R DUmB and for the last 3 years the ToHellUride FatBike Challenge has brought forth great powdery glory from the heaven’s right on cue, much to my chagrin. Anywho, this year, in the process of scheduling for January pow, Young Juan Bailey himself divulged the February 7th date of the inaugural SIlverton Snow bike relay- something about a 10 hour relay on an hour long track around silverton with the HQ in the imperial hotel. . Anyway, I told him STomparillaZ would be there and we’d push the FatBike Challenge to Jan 17th where we’ll coincide with the inaugural Telluride Fire Festival. We’ll try not to catch ablaze Friday night, spend saturday shooshing and commence the 4th T0HellUride FATBIKECHALLENGE promptly at the crack of 4:20 Saturday afternoon, giving everyone ample time to ski bell to bell before riding. The ride will continue through the darkness and you are responsible for self supported evening long ride supplies, think warm, well lit, and happy . . see 45north for details. . more details stomparillaz at gmail, yer pal SLappy

Black Bear to Opus

Black Bear Opus ride sat

Black Bear Opus ride topo


A long and glorious day concluded at the OPUS hut

A long and glorious day concluded at the OPUS hut


TueZNiteN0Fear MTB Ride

tueznitenofear get it got it good