Yer Fat

Yer Fat


Tyler wanted to have a bachelor party road ride to LA. Instead we did this.









Da Chip Peddler

chipped Reigning Title Sponsor on board to be bored, oh yeah

It’s On


Wintery weekend

Typical randomness for another weekend in t-ride. Plenty of Stompin fo sho

Black Sheep warranty bar ready to party


Devo SCi Fi


So nice out there in the desert

Where were we?

BachelorTown (more…)

Anniversary Desert Tour

Molas so nice

Brotherly road STomp


Can’t deny the glory of summer visits to the right coast, another good one in the books. (more…)

An evening overnighter

Sunday mornin sweetness

Tuezday nite ride

Goodtimes, this tuesday, to Ophirca!


‘Merica Day

Having been upon the Monarch Crest a time or two, the opportunity to ride a potentially massive ride with ‘ol Michael Rasmusofawn of yore was not to be ignored. A couple Triderz committed and Jimmy and I rolled up the old Monarch Pass road at about 11 on the 3rd. We figured the 4:20 am rollout of singlespeederz and the sort from Salida would be upon us in 9 hours and we’d have bacon cooking for them. So it was and we were graced with a visit from Don of Backyard Bikes Fame. Many of the hammers who had come through were riding the rigid truss fork single speed steel niners that he has been building in his Salida shop for some time and at a fairly advanced age he was rocking his way up the ride in flats sans helmet. Deeply in the groove he tapped out a few strokes past our bacon station before he determined that, yes, bacon was a good idea, and stopped by. From there our kindly group stomped along for 8 out of ten hours or so enjoying some of the sweetest singletrack imaginable. Michael R Hayes should be commended for stashing a cooler at the lunch spot before the sweet, (mostly rideable) hike-a-bike, and cracking somewhere up there, rallying and showing us the whole damn thing.  Next year, Stomprz atop the pass, Camp STRONG! (more…)

tuezday nite

come on  . . . it'll be fun they said

come on . . . it’ll be fun they said

Sometimes there’s a man

It ‘twould be oh so wrong for this friendly bunny hawk and i to be in the same neighborhood and not go for a ride. .and so the moment before he was to head on home we did a sweet valley floor lap, horoay

A fine day to Wilson

Happy Dad Day

Here’s to my Dad, a stoMpr through and through. Up at Opus this spring ski touring and hanging tough with a bunch of kids.
Dad Stomps


hilctrailBest laid plans are often the shortest,  and so on thursdy last week we realized we coudl camp above durango with some frendly durangatangs and

lo and behold, we were able to ride the CT down. .