booom POLO

who loves to party,  boomcycle does,  especially at an upstanding Purango Dolo Poloships Tourney,  trying to egg the STompAz on and confuse the competition with the whomp,  works ok. .

These guys were confused as to why the game was still going at BUckley Park Colliseum at 11:30, or 10:30.. well sorry guys, but they gotta win by two. .  And the Guillome Fam did , , epic-ness

These friendly StompaZ did good work, despite not having the practice time through the winter that Ft. Collins does. That works too you know,  lots of thoughtful practice..

Although stepping into the tent to work on some polo cards also helps the morale. .

The TOLO telluride Polo newbies got to see just why it’s worth it to risk life and limb,  cause the game is so sweet and the crew is so snice, and women and children definitely needed to watch out, , anyhow  more practice in tride fo sho

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