You’ve heard the story, fat bikes R DUmB and for the last 3 years the ToHellUride FatBike Challenge has brought forth great powdery glory from the heaven’s right on cue, much to my chagrin. Anywho, this year, in the process of scheduling for January pow, Young Juan Bailey himself divulged the February 7th date of the inaugural SIlverton Snow bike relay- something about a 10 hour relay on an hour long track around silverton with the HQ in the imperial hotel. . Anyway, I told him STomparillaZ would be there and we’d push the FatBike Challenge to Jan 17th where we’ll coincide with the inaugural Telluride Fire Festival. We’ll try not to catch ablaze Friday night, spend saturday shooshing and commence the 4th T0HellUride FATBIKECHALLENGE promptly at the crack of 4:20 Saturday afternoon, giving everyone ample time to ski bell to bell before riding. The ride will continue through the darkness and you are responsible for self supported evening long ride supplies, think warm, well lit, and happy . . see 45north for details. . more details stomparillaz at gmail, yer pal SLappy

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