4th Annual ToHellUride Fat Bike Challenge

Once again the StOmprZ came out of the woodwork and this year was the first FBC where it didn’t snow. Turns out, we can still have plenty of fun. We got up on the hill and slid on the snow, showed the stomprz an old mine shaft we all fit into, smelled kinda funny when we left but the claustrophobics among us were cured (?) and the descent was pretty sweet. Our picnic was skied into the yurt, which it turned out the ski company didn’t really appreciate, maybe in the future. There… went above and beyond with amazing additions for our ramen surprise that took everyone to the next level while we were up there. The Chip Peddler was in the house and he made a strong showing making it to the yurt just before we did. Thanks to the King Cage contingent for hooking up some sweet schwag that was well received. Old Man Mountain also once again made someone’s day; Blake this time, who spent the whole ride cursing the backpack on his back while everyone else carried their gear on OMM racks. Bread from Durango sent it up and helped keep the gluten intake high. Bootdoctors Paragon made Mitch’s bike big with a donated Surly Bud 4.8 which really tied the room together. And last but certainly not least, Rich from Crater packs brought a full velcro frame pack for the prize pile and now NiRad need not fuck with zippers. All in all it was once again a great success, many people completed teh challenge who might not have thought they had it in them and hopefully next year we’ll be welcomed at the jumps! . . see you in Silverton for the Whiteout!













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