Sure glad we had some time to relax and patch things up out there. Exploring the back yard with a three day bike camping excursion sure hit the spot for spring delight.

A great crew came together for a 3 day ride around the confluence of some of our nearest and dearest rivers. Aided by some great WETA beta from Paul and Drew’s precision camping locating we had a trip about as good as anything our backyard could have offered.

What better way to air out our concerns about whether we had what it took to bike while packin’, pack while biken. Sure did.

Nearing those shoulders of where else we can explore was such a pleasure and inspiration to foment our return.

Hopefully we can carry all the shared wisdom forward and remember to hold onto our glasses when nonchalantly stepping off the edge into the river. Pack light and dial in the dropper rear rack combo.

We sure make one hell of an accordion and riding with a squad requires equal part hack and attaque. Look forward to the Dirt Bag Enduro this summer.

It sure seemed like everyone had the ride they needed; so I’m extra glad you all made it there and back in tack!

Hope everyone gets to sleep under as many stars as they can until we can do another round.

And don’t forget to take the stairs! Thanks to my Lovely Bride for her inspired resolve and the photos.

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