Pugz a SToMp a Thon in Tellyride

Well anyhow,  the snow hasn’t been that snice here yet, what with the Tellyride curse and all. ANyhwo the PUGZN” has been sweeeet.  ANd COme march 5 that will still be the case. The crux of the biscuit for this particular stompEvent is a relay,  Chuck Nordic Skis and Pugz,  at a special location where neither will have a particular advantage. STompaz will in all likelihood, get a lap or two on both, and if they must shoot at beer cans at the top of the climb, so be it, , . , .  and there will also be a day of shredding the area we hopes.  You know the drill  STOMP, (pack at the minimum, too much stuff; PUGZ Nordic Gear/ downhill gear, with the idea being that some who have one but not the other can alternate laps) and that date just jumped up and grabbed moi,  so if it is really gonna ruin your day, HOLLR     any questions?  that’s what i tHought     peas and be well   SLAppppy  ps(i’ll be doing bike free preparation on the beach in NZ prior, so bring it, acclimated or not) PpS  friday night arrival counts as acclimatization

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