Observatory Pugz Weekend in Telluride

STOMP yer way there on Friday Eve and we’ll figure out whachu owe.  Alta Lakes Observatory is located in Telluride Co right off the side of Palmyra and the Prospect lift on the ski area and plenty of people ski into the hut with their overnight supplies from there. STompariLLAZ are encouraged to ascend the access road aboard phat tyred bicicletaZ , points will be awardable for slowest, fastest, and most bodacious hill climb.

Friday Night we shall observe accordingly at the observatory.

Saturday we have a date at the MOuntain Village SNow Bike Course which has yet to be constructed but oughta be sweet and we are invited @ 11 to compete in whatever sort of snow bike shred goes down. After which we’ll shred into Telluride via the Boomerang and check in on a few tangs.

@ 4:20 Saturday that afternoon of the 19th we’ll be off 2STomp with D00M all the way back to Alta Lakes, via the Gondola ride to MV of course. Ride time estimated to be in the 4’20ish range, viz. water food for ascending from 8750′ to 11. Those StompRz on site without a Pugz, may make better time making it to the prospector lift before 3:13 in order to ski out the gate. Nordic skierz stomping up that way may crush it with kick wax as well.

Saturday night Festivities will ensue. Preparation for a weekend hut trip are crucial. And we will be running friday snowmobile shuttles for beers and whatever else finds its way into the sled;  i highly recomend a sweet one piece and outdoor party boots for the out of hut experience, remember the snow cave.  While the beds and sleeping opportunities are sweet, a sleeping bag &  warm clothes are key. My recent night up there in the snow cave was awesome, but a burlier pad and bag would have been nice.  Assistance on food additives is appreciated and there is rarely too much bacon, granola, or beer so bring some.

Sunday will dawn bright with the Bi or Try Relay commencing when itz time. STompRz will compete round the lake on pugz, xc skis, or bare feet with a mid lap stop to drink a beverage and shoot the empty. Blow darts, sling shots, recomended and fire arms unwelcome. Return to reality to follow.

There in lies the upcoming STompArillaz PugZ Bi or Try weekend.

Call with questions,  prepare to StomP Telluride like never before



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  1. fevre

    Gonna be sweet. eye can bring me slingshot 😀

    03/09/2011 at 11:49 am

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